About Us


We provide high quality printed products at affordable prices.

Groovy Weaves is a cool brand of stylish printed T-shirts, casual wear and other fashion accessories. We focus on our valuable costumers to fulfill there need of being stylish. We regularly do the market research to make a unique and fashionable product. We connect with youth directly to understand the latest trend and taste of our focused costumers so that we can take inspiration and create good quality product at unbelievable price.
Groovy Weaves has taken the revolutionary approach to create products in house and sell directly to customers. It’s a no-middleman, no-rentals, no-markups business model, which is centered around selling straight to customers online.

Our passionate designing team regularly do hard work to make creative designs, to offer a wide range of quality product available in all sizes, vibrant colors, clean prints & patterns.

Groovy Weaves is an independent clothing brand that we started way back in 2015. We are a small business started by a bunch of friends. We makes unique designs and fashionable accessories. So if you’re looking for some outstanding t-shirts, you’ve come to the right place!

Our goal is to create some fantastic artwork by amazing artists to make the best printed t-shirts designs that you will like. We value the hard-earned money that you spend on us and we do our absolute best to get you some merchandise that you can be proud of.

Every time you buy one of our products, you support great art and the artists behind them. Our mission is to provide comfortable and fashionable garment & versatile pieces of clothing that has become a medium of self-expression. They make for a great portable canvas to showcase the things that you really care about with a combination of art, words, images and illustrations!